In best care – Constructionsecurity-service.

Construction sights, no matter where,
invite thugs to “restricted entering”
resulting in graffiti, destruction,
vandalism, et cetera.

Repairing the damage done
and replacing valuable and expensive gear,
equipment or copper cables are the result.
In addition, there comes the difficulty
of insurance matters.

This is unpleasant for builders
and building-companies –
even more in strict time schedules
and tight budget plans.

These variables are well known by
Pignus Service GmbH.
In duty all around the clock.
Our experience shows,
that every kind of construction security
and guard is required and important.
We offer powerful resources
and knowledge for fences,
guarding-containers, entry-controls
and special security management.

You want to learn more?
Go ahead – we answer and advice- every day at any place.