Territory service

Territory service – according to plan

Unprotected, public places, real estates,
company-property and comparable objects
can be a playground for vandals.
They pollute and destroy property.

This is not just a cosmetic fact,
but also a term of continuous costs.
To prevent that, we offer “territory-Service”.
This service protects and controls not only one,
but multiple objects or facilities.

Pignus Service GmbH worked out particular plans for that:

“territory service”

To guarantee that,
our excellent and psychological trained employees,
patrol the objects and grant or denie access
to people trying to enter. Furthermore, they check
the security and the locks of your objects.

With sensitive empathy and proper behavior,
damage and costs can be prevented, before they arise.

The employees of Pignus Service GmbH
also supervise the objects for outer damages
and the prevention of fire hazards.

To guarantee security and transparency,
we set Checkpoints, so nobody can pass illegally.

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